Wednesday, March 10, 2021

One hundred and twenty years ago today, when Muslims ruled the world, Muslims were the talk of the world.

One hundred and twenty years ago today, when Muslims ruled the world, Muslims were the talk of the world.

The strong Islamic power of the Muslims at that time was destroyed by conspiracies and he and the Muslims of that time could not understand these conspiracies.

As we call the Fifth Generation War Hybrid Warfare media today,

They split up and hit the ax on their own feet ...

Muslims have been defeated and anti-Islamic forces have prevailed *

At that time, Britain, France, and Israel, suggested that the central power of the Muslims was gone. Now how to eradicate the Muslims from the land.

Advice to eliminate Muslims continues.

So at that time Jews and Christians were the masterminds of Satan.

And apart from all religions, all those who were enemies of Islam united against Islam because they knew that with Islam they could not fulfill their evil agenda in the world.

In the meeting, some suggested that all the helpless and helpless Muslims left in the world should be eliminated.

But their elders said no, it is impossible to eliminate Muslims.

When it comes to Muslims all over the world that Muslims are being wiped out, all Muslims will wake up very fast and condemn and we cannot face them.

Then it happened that the Muslims were at war with each other, the Arabs with the Turks, the Turks with the Arabs, the non-Arabs with the Arabs, the non-Arabs with the Turks, the Turks with the non-Arabs.

Then their great power should be broken and small countries should be made weak. They also need them in every situation.

And they should be kept under complete scrutiny wherever their unity, unity and Islam move towards destruction.

Their Islamic teachings should be taken away from them.

In order to fan the flames of sectarianism in these countries, great scholars who were agents of Jews and Christians from within were transformed into Muslim countries. The jinn began to fan the flames of sectarianism.

Cast into the midst of nationalism and killed a slave of one nation to intensify nationalism will be able to incite hatred of another nation in the tribe through their agents which continues to this day.

Somewhere in the kingdom, the mouths of money were opened, especially in the billions, they knew how to control the billions.

Elsewhere, the root cause of all the chaos like democracy was enforced by force, which continues to this day.

In fact, democracies are the root of all mischief. From the courts to all bribery, all number two, all destruction is democracy.

Muslims cannot develop The education system in Muslim countries has been destroyed. The difference between modern education and secular-religious education has been made the difference between heaven and earth. Obviously, secular education is our need and religious education is our soul. Yes, we can't walk without them today. Both are on different paths till today.

The economic system of the whole world, the paper currency, the whole system of Jews and Christians kept in their hands. Muslims are hungry. Keep the buttons of economic destruction with you. Is.

An example of which is in front of you. Pakistan is stuck in a quagmire of debts. The same situation has been done with Turkey and other Islamic countries.

The world's media, which is also 120 years old.

Satellite Internet Media

He also kept all these media in his hands

Mind-making is taking place all over the world according to the orders of the Jewish-Christian satanic powers.

Go to court, destruction, injustice

An atmosphere of bribery everywhere

Murder, oppression, theft, adultery, the poison of drugs were dissolved in the whole nation.

Not all food products can be produced by Muslims in their local market.

So that they can't stand on their own feet financially.

They are so entangled in these problems that they get themselves into trouble. Some say gas problem, some roads are broken, some electricity problem, some water problem. Some people say that if they are mentally tortured again and again, then that nation goes mad. ۔

Hardness arises in the nation and then from here a never-ending crime begins.

But the Jewish and Christian powers have their own plans to destroy the Muslims in every system, which continues to this day.

But on the world map, God kept quietly preparing the two soldiers of the Ottoman Caliphate, Pakistan, and Turkey.

Silently ahead of the world in modern weapons of Pakistan and Turkey.

Pakistan and Turkey are currently awakening all Muslims, uniting them and strengthening themselves, awakening the entire Muslim Ummah.

The eyes of all Muslims around the world are on Pakistan and Turkey.

Behind the scenes, a very dangerous war is going on. Pakistan and Turkey are fighting the enemy forces on the most dangerous fronts. I will write a full description of them in the next article.

The only good news is that Muslims today are able to keep an eye on Pakistan and Turkey.

Live long Pakistan Army

 Long live Pakistan

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