Friday, March 19, 2021

The medium of instruction in the national language

The reason for the development of the United Nations!

In 1949, under Mao Zedong, all foreign imperialist educational institutions in China were shut down. At that time, the Russian language was ringing in the communist world. But Mao Zedong refused to make Russian the language of China. Made backward and difficult language as a means of education in China.

A more instructive example is Israel. One and a half thousand years old, a dead and limited language of Israel from primary to Ph.D. education medium. And thanks to this Hebrew medium of education, Israel has won international awards in many fields of knowledge and science.

At the time of the advent of Islam, Arabic was nothing more than the poems of poets. But from the seventh to the thirteenth century AD, Muslims transferred all knowledge into their own language under the official patronage of Greek and other languages. And he took science out of the shell of theory and introduced it to the pleasure of the experience. Muslims learned from Latin, Greek and Roman. Didn't take the language.! The medium of instruction was Arabic.

Thus in English, except for Shakespeare's plays and poetry, philosophy is science. During their renaissance, the British filled their language by translating the sciences of Arabic, Latin, and Greek. And thanks to the translation, it became the first scientific language.

Slaves who made a foreign language a medium of instruction in Pakistan! Just study the history of the world that every developed nation borrows knowledge from another developed nation, not a language. The medium of education has its own language so that creation and The flow of knowledge continued. But on what basis have you deviated from the natural law and turned a foreign language into a means of education and closed the doors of knowledge, science, and creativity here. You have not learned from English. Language and civilization alone are the cause of backwardness, stagnation, and corruption in Pakistan's education system!

Pakistan National Language Movement

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