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Basic Physics, Introduction to Basic Physics, Branches of Basic Physics, Role of Muslim Scientists in Basic Physics

 In this article, we will learn about basic physics. Introduction to Basic Physics There are branches of Basic Physics. The importance of Best Physics in daily life and the role of Muslim scientists in Basic Physics. First, we need to know what physics is

When we look at the various phenomena of the universe around us, many questions arise in our minds. We begin to wonder why the sun always rises in the east and sets in the west. How does the car move? How does a plane fly? How is the sound produced when we speak?

How is our reflection in the mirror? How does a switch wool light up a room? We find the answer to these questions in physics. All such phenomena in the universe are related to matter and energy. Therefore, we can say that physics is the branch of science in which the properties of matter and man and the interaction between them. Relationships are studied

Branches of Physics

Due to the increasing research and scope in physics, it is generally divided into the following branches.


 Knowledge of movement and the physical effects that affect movement

Heat and thermodynamics

It has to do with the heat it carries and the use it as an engine

 Sound Physics

It has to do with the physical effects associated with an audible sound.


 It has to do with the physical phenomena of all light


It is based on the study of the phenomena of electromagnets and their interrelationships

* Atomic and molecular physics

Matter consists of atoms and molecules. The study of their specific properties is called atomic and molecular physics

 Nuclear physics

 About the central part of the atom

Plasma physics

At a very high temperature, matter takes the form of a gas containing ions and electrons. This state of matter is called plasma. The study of the properties of matter in this state is called plasma physics.

Solid State Physics

 The study of the specific properties of matter in a solid-state is called solid-state physics

There are also some branches of physics that study the common concepts of other branches of physics and science. Here are some such branches.


The study of the interaction of matter and energy in astronomy and space is called astrophysics.


 Earth's internal structure and other terrestrial phenomena for example seismometer is called geography


The study of biology in terms of the principles of physics is called biophysics

Role of Muslim scientists in basic physics

Yaqub bin Ishaq Al-Kandi

Yaqub ibn Ishaq al-Kindi was born in Basra in the ninth century AD

  This Arab philosopher was an expert not only in philosophy but also in alchemy and music. He wrote books on music and sound. Balanced melody and rhythmic music which is very popular in Europe today was known to Muslims centuries ago.

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